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Even what looks simple must be learned! Learn all about the topic stand up paddling (SUP)

Learn stand up paddle in the surf school

To Learn stand up paddling is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Why is that? Because stand up paddle (SUP) is relatively easy to learn Furthermore, this new surfing trend sport does not necessarily have to take place at the sea, but can also be done at lakes and rivers. You also do not need waves or special wind conditions. In this article you will therefore find a small overview of the topic stand up paddle. If you think: “This is exactly mine”, do not hesitate and book one of our popular SUP courses at our partner surf schools!

Wa-SUP dear water freak?

Brand new news! Did you already know?

In 2020 it was finally decided that stand up paddling (SUP) has what it takes to get into the next Olympic Games. The competition stand up paddling makes many paddler hearts beat faster!

You always wanted to learn more about Stand Up Paddling or were already thinking about a Stand Up Paddle course?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

What is the point of learning stand up paddle?

We are sure you’ve noticed them on many waters around the world.

SUP freaks who glide over the water in a relaxed manner with their stand up paddle board. Sometimes it looks a bit like meditation instead of real sport, but this is exactly where we should not be deceived!

To learn stand up paddling, just like any other water sport, needs to be trained from the ground up. Here you can find out everything about this trend sport and what this water sport does for your body, mind and soul. So be curious!

What is stand up paddling?

Woman moves along the water with a stand up paddle board
stand up paddling is the new trend sport

To cut a long story short about Stand Up Paddling, you can say that you move over the water while standing on a larger surfboard with the help of a paddle.

The paddle movement requires many muscle groups and trains the sense of balance.

Depending on the water, of course, the way of stand up paddling differs a little bit.

Learn the story of stand up paddling - Ku Hoe He'e Nalu

Freely translated it means “standing, paddling, surfing and riding the waves”. It was in Hawaii that stand up paddling was born (Hawaiian Ku Hoe He’e Nalu). The beginning of this worldwide rapidly growing trend sport can be traced back to Polynesia.

Beach boy surfing is also a term for the so-called stand up paddling surfing. The sport dates back to the 1960s, when the Beach Boys in Hawaii wondered what you could do with your surfboard on waveless days (More information about to learn surfing can be found here).

One name in particular stands out: John Zabotocky, a true pioneer when it comes to stand up paddling! Unfortunately John Zabotocky passed away on 13 October 2013 at the age of 95. But the Stand Up Paddle legend lives on in the hearts of many!

But also the history of stand up paddling goes on and now it is time to write your own!

Find your ideal surf school to learn stand up paddling

Learn stand up paddling in a selected surf school
Choose the best surf school for you to learn stand up paddling

Especially for stand up paddle beginners and of course also for advanced surfers it is ideal to book a stand up paddle holiday or stand up paddle course in a surf school or surf camp (more information about the topic surf school can be found in our Surf-School-GUIDE!)

The surf instructors are local and know all about the surf spots and share their knowledge with you. In your selected surf school or surf camp you will receive all necessary information about learning stand up paddle. You will be offered all the stand up paddle accessories together with your course. This saves you money, time and effort.

In addition, the local stand up paddle surf school will be able to advise you and give you some important tips on stand up paddle technique, paddle position and board position. Of course, this will be deepened further in your course.

You only need 3 things to start learn stand up paddling!

One of the absolute advantages of this sport is that you only need minimal stand up paddle accessories. These are the 3 things you need to start with stand up paddling:

Learn stand sp paddling with the right stand up paddle board

There are three different types of boards.

If you are more of a nature lover who likes to paddle longer distances, the so-called touring board is perfect for you. But if it comes to your mind to race, the so-called race board comes into play. And if you want to ride some waves, the wave board is the best solution.

Furthermore, these three types also differ in width, thickness and length. You will be advised on this in your surf school.

It is also interesting to know that you can also use inflatable boards*. The inflatable boards are especially good for travelling because they are space-saving. These are more suitable for stand up paddle beginners and hobby paddlers.

Without the paddle it is not possible to learn stand up paddling

Which paddle is right for you depends on which stand up paddle board you choose, what training experience you have and which water you will be on.

Furthermore, your height must be taken into account. All these factors then decide which blade size (larger for surfing and slightly smaller for shallow waters) and which material (wood or bamboo, aluminium, carbon or even carbon mix) is chosen.

The leash is a must when you learn stand up paddling

In all sports, your own safety and that of others comes first. It is an integral part of the Stand Up Paddle basic equipment. It is a leash that is attached to the end of the board and connected to your body. A distinction is made between an ankle leash or a knee leash, depending on where the leash is attached.

The purpose of the Leash is that if you fall off your board, it will not drift off. This is especially important when you are surfing with your Stand Up Paddle board.

However, in some waters the leash is deliberately omitted as it can also become a danger. You can find out more about this at a stand up paddle course.

stand up paddle additional tip for the start

In the first lessons of your SUP course you will kneel on your stand up paddle board to get the right feeling for the board. At the very beginning your instructor will also choose a spot with very little current and calm water.

This way you achieve even faster moments of success and get even more desire for the ocean, lake or river : ) !

But you’ll see, soon you’ll be moving with your SUP board standing on the water and start your first stand up paddling exploration tours.

Why is learning stand up paddle so interesting?

Learn stand up paddle trains the whole body
Stand up paddling as whole body workout (photo of Filios Sazeides)

This water sport is a total body workout. It is easy to learn and interesting for all age groups.

You constantly train your body center to keep your balance on the board. An efficient workout!

Furthermore, you only need a few stand up paddle accessories to be ready to start and you are not dependent on the wind. The basic requirement is that you must be able to swim and you are ready to start learning stand up paddle!

Find out what kind of stand up paddle guy (or girl) you are!

You will be amazed at how versatile you can be in stand up paddling!

One trend is stand up paddle yoga, you can even fish with your board. Or would you prefer to go catching some waves? Or simply discover the world as a globetrotter with your SUP Board? Or are you ambitious and want to participate in races?

All this is possible with this environmentally friendly sport. If you decide to learn stand up paddling you are doing something really good for your body, mind and soul.

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Have fun while learning stand up paddle (SUP)!