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Surf holidays in the best surf schools in the world

Your surf holiday depends on your choice of surf destination and surf school.

You can find more information about the topic surf school in our Surfcamp GUIDE!

Choose from the best surf spots in the world!

You decide whether you prefer surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling or wing foiling!

Spend an unforgettable time with friends or family in the most beautiful coastal areas and beaches.

Good Google reviews for the respective surf school are important for the perfect surf holiday
At surfvacationer.com you can book a surf holiday worldwide

Choose the right surf school for your surf holiday

Countless possibilities and best offers for the perfect surf holiday!

€545 €463 Surf students in surfing in Madeira

Madeira surf lessons and accommodation

Surf, Yoga 5 1 review 7 days
€671 €570 Surfing Morocco for beginners but also advanced

Surfing Morocco Beginner Package SUPER DEAL

Surf 5 1 review 7 days
€79 The Costa Rica surf hostel from the outside

Zopilote surf hostel Costa Rica

Surf Hostel 0 review(s) 1 day
€824 €783 Learn to surf in the Costa Rica surf school week

Costa Rica surf school week Pura Vida

Surf 5 2 review(s) 7 days
€488 €390 Surf student surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka surfer beach camp Weligama

Surf, Yoga 5 1 review 7 days
€729 €656 Wing foiling is the new trend sport among windsurfers and kitesurfers

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Which surf holiday suits me best?

Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP or rather wing foiling?

Surfing in the surf holiday with fun guaranteed at surfvacationer.com


Wave riding is the kind of surfing where you use the power of an wave to move on your surfboard and do cool maneuvers. It almost feels like flying!

More information about to learn surfing can be found here!

At surfvacationer.com you can easily book your windsurfing surf holiday


Windsurfing has its origins in surfing (wave riding). You combine a surfboard that is slightly different in construction with a sail and use the power of the wind to move over the water. The very common expression “hang loose” has to do with exactly this kind of surfing.

More about learn windsurfing here!

At surfvacationer.com you can find the best kitesurf offers for your surf holiday


The idea of being pulled by the wind with a kite has its origins very early in history. So why not combine it with a surfboard or wakeboard? If you are skilful enough, high aerial jumps above the water are also possible!

You can find even more information about learn kitesurfing here!

Stand Up Paddle courses can also be booked cheaply at surfvacationer.com

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

In the meantime, stand up paddling, also called SUP, has become an established water sport. You are completely independent of wind and waves, but you can also ride waves in a completely different way with your SUP board. More about learn Stand Up Paddling here!

NEW !!! Wing Foiling

The best surf school deals for your surf holiday

Why book your surf holiday through surfvacationer?

Enjoy the countless benefits of surfvacationer.com

At surfvacationer.com you can choose from several surf spots worldwide

Selection of several surf spots worldwide

At surfvacationer.com you have the possibility to choose from several surf spots and surf schools in Europe and worldwide.

At the selected surf schools of surfvacationer.com there is the best surf material

Surf material already included

All the surf equipment you need for your surf holiday is already included and provided by the respective surf school.

The best prices for your surfing holiday can be found at the wide range of surfvacationer.com

Best surf holiday prices

We work with the best surf schools in Europe and worldwide and are always informed about the best offers.

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Surf holiday flights

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You can spend an unforgettable time in the surf hostel or surf camp

Surf hostel and surf schools

At surfvacationer.com you can find the coolest surf hostels or surf schools for your surf holiday.

Surfvacationer guarantees you absolute fun factor for your surf holiday with the so-called stoked guarantee

Stoked guarantee

We work together with selected surf schools and therefore we guarantee you absolute “stoked feeling”. If this is not the case, you will receive a corresponding discount from us for your next surf holiday.

Selected surf schools with the best reviews from:

A surf holiday can also be booked via booking.com
Also at Trip Advisor you will find surf schools for your surf holiday

How you can spend your surf holiday

Surf holidays in a whole group or rather alone?

Spend your surf holiday with friends and enjoy time on the beach

With friends or as a couple

What could be better than sharing your surf holiday with friends or your partner. Shared breakfast at the surf hostel and then off to the beach! Maximum fun while you learn surfing. In the evening, after the surf course, relax and enjoy the sunset at a barbecue.

With the family on a surf holiday. From surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or wing foiling, everything is possible

Surf holidays with the family

Are you a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc. and would like to spend a different kind of holiday with your family? Whether France, Spain, Portugal or Costa Rica, learn to surf with your whole family and experience unforgettable moments!

Fly alone on a surf holiday and meet people in a surf hostel

Surf holidays on your own

You need some time off and want to concentrate on yourself? Surfing and yoga are just the thing. Book your surf holiday NOW! And if you do need company, you can certainly make new friends at your surf school.

Where and when to spend your surf holiday?

Find the right surf spot paired with your desired surfing sport

It all depends on the right surf spot

For you it is clear: You want to spend a surf holiday in a surf camp!

But you’re not quite sure where yet? You’re wavering between surfing in Bali, kitesurfing in Tarifa or maybe wing foiling in Fuerteventura? You don’t quite know when it´s the best time for your surf holiday? Let Surfvacationer help you to choose the right surf spot! Various surf destinations worldwide and new ones are added every day. Find out about the best periods to go surfing and what each country has to offer.

Choosing the right surf spot will make your surf holiday an unforgettable experience!

FAQ - Important questions answered quickly

Questions about your surfing holiday are answered here

The right surf holiday depends on several factors. First of all, you should ask yourself which type of surfing is right for you. Here you can distinguish between surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing stand up paddling (SUP) or wing foiling.

Your surf level should also be adapted to the surf spot and the type of surf. While there are rather smaller waves in summer, you have stronger winds in other places. Inform yourself under the pointSurfspots what is more suitable for you. Our surf guide should also be a help for you.

Sufvacationer is an online platform that deals exclusively with the topic of surf holidays. Here you will not only find the offer of a single surf school, but you can also choose and compare from countless offers. Of course, this saves you time but also money. You can also combine offers yourself. If you need help with this, the Surfvacationer team will of course be at your side. Just write us an e-mail at booking@surfvacationer.com !

Of course, it is possible to book your surf holiday as a group. After receiving the booking confirmation, please send us all information about the other persons by e-mail (this includes name, address, date of birth of the other persons).

Or just contact us at booking@surfvacationer.com,tell us the number of people and the desired destination and we will find the right surf camp for you!

The payment process for your surf holiday is quite simple. As soon as you have booked the right offer for you, you will receive a booking confirmation from Surfvacationer. Surfvacationer also forwards this confirmation directly to the selected surf school or the selected surf hostel. They then contact you directly and inform you about the exact payment terms. Billing is therefore directly with the surf school or the hostel itself. This way you save a lot on fees. So you also save a lot of additional fees.

Of course, it sometimes happens that you have to rebook or cancel your surf holiday. Since surfvacationer.com is only the intermediary, you fall under the cancellation requirements of the booked surf school or the booked surf hostel. Please contact them directly. If you still need help, we are of course there for you!

Depending on which country or surf spot your surf holiday takes place in, please note the passport, visa and health regulations. An important factor is also to ensure sufficient sun protection in the form of sun creams with a high protection factor and appropriate clothing.

All booked offers already contain all the surf material you need for your surf holiday (unless you book only one accommodation). The respective surf schools provide you with high-quality surfboards and wetsuits for your surf units.

In order to be able to book a surfing holiday, you must be at least 18 years old. Does this mean that if su are younger you can’t book? No. you only need a written declaration of consent from a legal guardian, which you please forward to surfvacationer.com by e-mail. Or the legal guardian books with your name.

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