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Learn windsurfing - Your Quick-Start-Guide

Learn all about windsurfing in our Quick Start Guide

Windsurfing students learn windsurfing

Have you always wanted to learn windsurfing? Then of course you are exactly right here! In our small Quick-Start-Guide you will get a small overview of how to learn windsurfing. If you say: “Windsurfing is exactly what i want”, then book a windsurfing course at one of our selected partner surf schools!

Windsurfing nation

Do you know the indie rock song “windsurfing nation” by Broken Social Scene?

If not, please catch up at this point! Then you get right into the mood in which we want to take you. Be curious, because learning to windsurf offers you the breathtaking feeling of freedom and that directly in connection with all the world’s oceans.

Why you should learn windsurfing

This action-packed water sport is one of the most beginner-friendly sports and is for all ages possible.

Learning this trend sport is much easier than it looks. Just a few days in a windsurfing course in a surf camp of your choice (you can get more information about surf schools in our surf-school-GUIDE!) to learn basic knowledge. Windsurfing is different from normal surfing (wave riding), because in this water sports you use the power of the wind. You don’t have to wait for the rolling wave at windsurfing.

This is why windsurfers often travel on lakes, rivers or coastal strips. You glide with your windsurfboard and the windsurf sail over the water. And this is triggered by pure wind power.

There are absolutely no limits. You will also replace a visit to the gym with a windsurfing session.

The windsurfer is in action all the time!

Learn windsurfing: history & definition

The history of learn windsurfing goes back to the 1950s

Windsurfing is a water sport performed by a person on a windsurfing board. The factors of surfing and sailing are combined. The board is connected to a sail and through the sail the windsurfer picks up speed with the wind. As a result, he glides over the water with the board.

When was the foundation stone laid for windsurfing?

In the late 1950s, a special invention took place in California-USA. Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer have laid an important foundation stone for the development of this water sport. Jim was a sailor and Hoyle was a surfer and in 1968 they received the first patent for their so-called “windsurfer” (= windsurfing board).

Olympia sends greetings!

Shortly afterwards, in 1970, Hoyle directly started serial production of windsurfboards.

At a rapid pace, this sport gained a great reputation in North America and at the end of the 1970s this trend also spilled over into Europe. There they quickly spoke of a windsurfing industry and this still dominates the windsurfing market today.

The first World Championship for this discipline was held in 1973. In 1984, this trensport conquered olympia and there are still annual world-renowned freestyle and wavesailing competitions.

Now it’s time for you to become one with the ocean!

Step by step: Windsurfing also has to be learned!

Learn windsurfing in a professional windsurfing camp or surf school

A good windsurfing school trains you as a windsurfing beginner with the best trained windsurf instructors.

Laughter should never be neglected in learning, but a certain seriousness in learning should also never be missing. Because it is about avoiding mistakes and accidents.

Your windsurf camp or surf school also offers you best windsurfing equipment. Many schools also offer interesting taster courses to get a feeling for this water sport.

Furthermore, you will learn the right basics and techniques and get the right feeling for the wind. Because the wind is the basic element for this sport. You will be taught tricks to manually adjust your sail to the wind force and direction. You will also learn important techniques for your body control and how to maintain your balance optimally in order to maintain certain sailing positions.

On a surfing holiday you usually have more time than in normal everyday life. As a tip on our part, we can recommend windsurfing Fuerteventura, for example. Windsurfing under the Spanish warm sun. But other surfing destinations are also ideal to learn windsurfing.

Pure holiday feeling!

For all the new things you learn, you should get up-to-date and basic information from professionals. Because sport is always about your own safety and that of others. Therefore, it is important to get the best tips and tricks in the right places.

To learn windsurfing means becoming part of a worldwide fun sport!

Let's start with the right windsurfing equipment

Best windsurfing equipment at Flag Beach Watersportscenter in Fuerteventura

Before you start learning how to windsurf, please seek advice from your selected and qualified windsurf camp or surf school.

Your trained surf instructors will inform you about the optimal equipment, which is adapted to the prevailing weather conditions and environment.

You can try out the material there on site, so that the fit and material sizes are optimally matched to you. This is one of the great advantages of a windsurfing course: the personal advice and the use of the materials are included in the course.

Learn windsurfing with a windsurfboard, the fin and the windsurf sail

Boards come in many colours and designs, but what do you need to know before using a windsurfing board?

First of all, it is important to know if you are a windsurfing beginner or windsurfing professional. In addition, your weight and height are relevant for the selection.

In the beginning you use longer boards (= better for gliding over the water) and then smaller ones (= better for manoeuvring on the water) to learn windsurfing.

In contrast to the usual surfboard, the windsurfboard is always a bit thicker, because you put the windsurf sail up in the middle.

Everything should be matched to each other so that the riding experience is optimal. When windsurfing, most boards have footstraps for your feet. These ensure a better grip on the windsurfboard.

The fin attached under the board will help you guide your board on the water.

Learn windsurfing: Flying like a bird with the right windsurfing sail and wetsuit

In the beginning you will be recommended a small sail, so that you do not sail too fast, the sail is lighter and it is easier to use.

Later, depending on your height, you will use a larger one. Your windsurf camp or surf school offers you a selection of several sailing sizes, so that you are prepared for all wind events.

The windsurfing sail supports you and helps you with steering and it has the advantage that you do not fall off the board all the time, especially at the beginning. For this you will also be advised optimally in your windsurf camp or surf school.

Furthermore, it is very important that you protect your body from wind, water, cold and warmth at all seasons. There are wetsuits in a lot of thicknesses and designs. The right advice in your windsurfing course or a windsurfing shop is the right way!

Learn windsurfing with the harness

Especially at the beginning you will spend a lot of time in the water. Your arms might not be used to so much strain in the beginning. Therefore, the harness offers you good help to relieve your arms. Try as many as possible and get advice on which harness type is suitable for you during your windsurfing course.

Now you’re “ready to take off” for your first cool moves on the water!

Learn windsurfing a la "Foiling"

Wing foiling is the new trend sport among windsurfers and kitesurfers

What’s new in windsurfing? Windsurf foiling or wing foiling is an almost fun trend in the windsurfing scene which you can no longer avoid!

It is no longer “just” about sliding on the water. Now you can hover above the water at low altitude with the support of a wing (the so-called foil)!

A new magic for all windsurfing lovers worldwide! A windfoil session is a new way of hovering over the water.

We wish you a lot of fun when you learn windsurfing!