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Learn wing foiling -If dreams had wings!

If you think you need even more, the wing surfing is the right way!

Wing foiling is the new trend sport among windsurfers and kitesurfers

To learn wing foiling is getting more and more attention worldwide!

The most diverse surf sports seem to be combined here and a new kind of surfing is created! But what exactly is meant by this and how can you learn wing foiling?

It’s best to read our little guide to wing foiling! Who knows, maybe you have found here exactly the right water sport for you!

Another new surfing sport?

We say quite clearly: “Yes!” to learn wing foiling.

You can get a bit confused if you learn about the different surfing sports such as Stand Up Paddle, kitesurfing and windsurfing. You suddenly notice that apparently a new hybrid surf sport is making a big name for itself, the so-called wing foiling.

We are here for you to bring light into the different surf sports!

Learn wing foiling - history check

Is wing foiling a new invention?

No, this wheel has not been completely reinvented. Let’s do a little “history check”.

The story goes back to 1986, when Tom Magruder presented his first so-called “Wind Weapon”. It was a free-rotating sail, which was connected to a surfboard. However, the success of this invention did not bring the desired hype, as expected, because the physical component of friction stood in the way. The answer to this dilemma was foil surfing.

Definition for wing surfing, foil surfing, wing foiling...

Surfers during a jump in the air during wing foiling
Wing foiling has its origins in all surfing sports

So what term is the most common?

You can choose that. All terms mean the same sport. It is important for you to know that learning wing foiling is the result of the above mentioned water sports.

It is a combination of all surfing sports. It also has elements from surfing (wave riding). You stand on a so-called foil board and with your hands you hold the wing and so you get lift and propulsion.

Whether wingsurfing is a completely independent water sport. Certainly, it is an advantage if you already have previous knowledge in one or more of the above mentioned surf sports, but to learn wing foiling is generally much easier than the others.

The wing foiling equpiment-check:

All good things are three….

1. Learn wing foiling with the wing including the leash

You need the right “wing” and the right “leash” for this sport. You pump up the wing and you have a leash on it and there is a handle bar which stretches the wing. Your hands are therefore directly connected to the wing and so you feel the complete driving and wind feeling.

2. Learn wing foiling with the wing foiling board

Wing Foiling Boards were invented because the so-called Hydro-Foil under the board makes it very easy to glide on the water and then take off above the water.

The combination with the Wing, thus represents a breathtaking experience. This way you catch the wind optimally and it is transferred to your legs and feet, thus creating a propulsive force on the Foiling Board.

With the wing foiling board it is possible to glide on the water with a small wing even with a wind force of about eight knots.

3. Learn wing foiling with the right wetsuit

As with all water sports, you want to be optimally prepared for all seasons. In order to be protected from wind, cold and heat, the right wetsuit should not be missing!

Of course, wing foiling also works without a wetsuit. Depending on the weather conditions, you decide what is best for you!

What is the best way to start learning Wing Foiling?

You will be surprised at what this trend sport has in store for you.

You can also easily do your wing hype on land. Then, of course, with other things than a wing foiling board. Because this sport is not necessarily bound to the foilboard. You can also use your wing in other situations!

Do you have inline skates, a skateboard or a snowboard at home? Then it’s time to get them out and try them out directly with your wing. You will be surprised how much fun you will have!

Of course, you won’t have wing foiling equipment at the beginning. You don’t need them either! If you book a wing foiling course, the respective surf school will of course provide you with the necessary equipment.

Every surf camp or surf school has its own technique when it comes to teaching you wing foiling. Therefore, it may well be that you practice a little on land first. Other surf schools, however, swear to start right away in the water.

But you can be sure of one thing: Every surf camp or surf school has its own trained surf instructors who will teach you the best way they can.

So you want to learn wing foiling in a surf school? You can find more information about the topic surf school in our Surfcamp GUIDE!

Learning wing foiling also puts safety first


Mutual consideration for land or water is an absolute basic rule and a matter of course, as with all other sports.

The great thing about wing surfing is that you don’t have a kite-line-mess and can’t get hooked up with other surfers.

You also don’t have a mast that can fall on your body if you fall. Because you practice this sport very close to the shore, the risk of getting into distress at sea is much lower.

Since your wing is light and easy to inflate, the chances of injuring other surfers with your equipment are extremely low.

Advantages of learning wing foiling

To learn wing foiling also has some advantages compared to other surfing sports.

You save time

As you could find out here, you need very little equipment.

You are ready for your next wing foiling session quickly and easily and do not need any special cars or storage areas.

This sport is more space- and cost-saving than other surfing sports due to the minimal equipment.

You can also practice without water

Not enough water? Waves too high? Not enough wind? Too much wind? You don’t have to care about all this anymore, because all these situations are no obstacle to practise for wing foiling.

As described above, you choose the right location and a base other than the foil board (for example your skateboard, inline skates or snowboard) and simply use the wing to move around.

This will give you an even better feeling for the wing and you will be even more proficient in your next wing foiling session!

FUN FACTOR guaranteed!

Does wing foiling have the calibre for a new trend sport?

Wing foiling as a new trend sport in the surfing scene

Here, too, we say “yes” quite clearly, because general water sports, just like life, always holds new surprises in store for us. And it’s exciting to try out new sports to see what you like.

We think it’s about developing and learning to keep life exciting. And in this way you also get to know new people all over the world, which gives you a great feeling of cohesion.

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream of flying come true!