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Find the right surf spot for your surf holiday

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Surfvacationer helps you find the best surf spot for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling or wing foiling worldwide.

Find the right surf spot. But how to find the ideal surf spot?

Here you can find out what to look out for when choosing the perfect sorfspot. In addition, you will receive valuable tips and further links to the coolest surfing destinations in Europe and worldwide!

How do I find the ideal surf spot?

One thing is quite clear for you: You would like to book a surf holiday in a surf camp (for more information about the topic surf school, check out our surf school GUIDE!).

But you don’t quite know which surf spot to choose?

That’s why you’ve come to the right place!

We would like to help you find the ideal surf spot and make your surf holiday a success.

In our small surf spot guide you will get an overview of various surf spots worldwide. You will learn what to consider and which surf spot is best for you.

Which surf spot for which surfing?

In order to find the optimal surf spot, it is of course important to know in advance what kind of surfing you are interested in.

We distinguish here between learn surfing, learn kitesurfing, learn windsurfing, learn Stand UP Padding (SUP) or learn wing foiling.

All these surf disciplines are of different nature and the choice of the right surf spot should be adapted.

To illustrate:

You really want to learn kitesurfing or wing foiling. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose a surf spot that offers optimal wind conditions.

No wind, no kitesurfing or wing foiling!

The opposite for surfing (wave riding) or Stand UP Paddling (SUP), for example. Here the local winds should not be so strong that they destroy all the waves.

Logical, right? But what else is to be paid attention to?

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How does the season affect a surf spot?

The season in which you plan your surf trip also plays an important role in choosing the right surf spot.

Why is this so important?

The characteristics of the surf spots change from location to location. While many surf spots experience more wind especially in the summer months, the wind tends to be less in the winter months.

So what does that mean for you?

Now as mentioned earlier, you should know beforehand what kind of surfing you are more interested in.

Many people who want to learn to surf at a surf school tend to choose the winter months because many areas, such as in Europe, have better wave conditions.

Surfers who are more interested in kitesurfing or windsurfing often travel in summer.

However, this cannot be said in such a general way everywhere!

Some destinations offer perfect surf conditions all year round!

For more information on which surf school you should visit at which time of year, see the respective surf holiday offers. If you are still unsure, just contact us under booking@surfvacationer.com and we will help you!

Perfect surf spot, perfect surf school!

Surf spots EUROPE

Europe offers the right thing for every surfer’s heart! For surfing as well as kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling (SUP) or wing foiling.

You will also find the best surf conditions at any time of the year, depending on which type of surf you choose. Some surf spots also have mild temperatures in winter.

Here is a small overview of the best surf spots in Europe:

Spain (mainland)

Spain is a popular surf spot

Spain is a very popular holiday destination. Whether by plane , bus or even your own camper or car, Spain is easy to reach from anywhere in Europe.

Delicious food and excellent wines are just one feature of Spain.

However, when it comes to surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or wing foiling, Spain is a top surf spot. Most beautiful coastal areas with breathtaking, wild sandy beaches. Often even eucalyptus forests lie behind these beaches!

Spain’s surf spots are mostly beachbreaks and therefore particularly popular for surf beginners.

Fuerteventura (Spain, Canary Islands)

Fuerteventura is the perfect surf spot for any kind of surf holiday

Fuerteventura is the absolute surfer’s paradise!

The Canary Islands are geographically located in NW Africa, but politically they still belong to Spain and thus to the EU.

The special thing about this island is that there are the best surf conditions for every surfing sport. In addition, there are mild temperatures all year round (from 18°C – 26°C).

The lifestyle on this extraordinary island can certainly be described as a surfer lifestyle. Countless surf schools, surf shops or surf bars as far as the eye can see.

The island offers little vegetation and is more reminiscent of a desert landscape, but you will find here one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe!

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you can also watch some videos about Fuerteventura on our Surfvacationer Youtube channel!

Surf spot Portugal

Portugal is a popular surf spot for big wave surfers but also beginners

Portugal is also a very popular destination among surfers!

Endless, huge sandy beaches can be found on the coast of Portugal.

Von Norden bis Süden gibt es perfekte Surfspots. The landscape and especially the coastal areas are absolutely breathtaking.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Big Wave Spot Nazaré? Every year the best Big Wave surfers come here to surf house-high monster waves (see here a video about it!).

But not only big wave surfers can be found in Portugal, but also many surf beginners who want to learn surfing here for the first time. Of course with much smaller waves!

You can also kitesurf or windsurf in Portugal, but Portugal is more of a popular surf spot among wave riders.

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France is a popular destination for surfers, especially in summer

Bienvenue dans le monde du surf en france!

Pine forests and kilometres of sandy beaches characterise the coastal region of France.

Also in France, although you can do all windsurfing sports, but you will find here for the most part the scene of wave riders.

Many surf schools are located here at the campsite directly on the beach and therefore offer real campfire feeling!

France is a popular destination, especially in summer, because it is easy to reach by car.

So why surf in France?

Due to the long sandbanks on the coast, France offers long white water waves that are especially good for beginners. In addition, the winds are not too strong in midsummer and the swell is quite constant. Therefore, you will find optimal surf conditions, especially in summer.

Here is a video about one of our partner surf camps in France:

Surf spot Africa

The continent of Africa also has a lot to offer for surf enthusiasts!

Surfing as well as kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling or wing foiling! From Egypt to Morocco, Cape Verde, South Africa, Mozambique, Madakaskar or Kenya, Africa will inspire you!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, Africa offers unique surf spots for everyone.

It is said that Africa is the cradle of humanity, and so Africa is the beginning. So why not start your first surfing adventure on this wonderful continent?

As a small foretaste here a video of a kitesurfing professional from the Cape Verde:

Surf spot Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a popular surf spot, especially for kitesurfers

Turquoise-blue water and beautiful white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see!

The Cape Verde Islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in front of the coast of Senegal and are particularly popular among kitesurfers.

Although Cape Verde has a total of 15 volcanic islands, not all of which are inhabited, the island of Sal stands out as a surfing holiday destination.

An annual average temperature of around 21°C to 30°C makes Cape Verde a popular winter surf spot for many Europeans! In just 6 hours by plane in a tropical warm climate!

Kitesurfers or windsurfers especially appreciate the trade winds (north-east). From January to May you will receive a wind guarantee as a kitesurfer at this surf spot!

Surfing (wave riding) or SUP is also possible on Cape Verde. However, the local winds tend to cause “choppy” water. However, if all the conditions are right, you can also find absolute top waves on Cape Verde (especially on the island of Sal)!


A table of the best time to travel to the surf spot Morocco

Surf like in 1001 nights! Morocco is a popular destination for surfers (wave riders) as well as kitesurfers or windsurfers!

On the one hand, Morocco is one of the waveiest surf spots in Africa, on the other hand, you will also find the best wind conditions for all windsurfing sports in Morocco!

Surfers prefer the travel time from October to April because you can find the cleanest waves here. But also the summer months are suitable for surfing, especially for beginners.

In the months of April to September, kitesurfers, windsurfers or Wing Foilers will get their money’s worth.

Morocco is definitely a recommended destination. Moroccan culture with its colourful markets is absolutely worth seeing for many!

You can find affordable surf camps or accommodation and also very cheap flights from all over Europe.

Surf spot Central America

Who doesn’t want to see it, Central America?

The bridge between North and South America is also a popular surf spot.

Surfing in the Caribbean. All year round boardshort or surf bikini conditions! From Pamama to Guatemala and back again. Surfing in two oceans!

Anyone who has ever been to Central America can confirm that almost all coastal areas have paradisiacal conditions. Many surfing sports are possible.

Especially for surfers (wave riders): Empty line-ups and perfect waves as you only know them from surfer magazines.

So why not book a surf holiday in the best surf schools in Central America?

Nothing stands in the way of your adventurous surf trip!

Surf spot Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradisiacal surf spot in the tropics

PURA VIDA! This is something you hear very often in Costa Rica. This expression is often used by locals and means: pure and simple life.

Gratitude and the focus on the positive are part of the philosophy of life in Costa Rica. If you look at the individual surf spots of Costa Rica, it quickly becomes clear how the expression “Pura Vida” also finds its application in the surfing world.

It’s not just wave riders who get their money’s worth here with perfect waves. Kitesurfers, windsurfers or Wing Foilers also get good surf conditions thanks to the so-called Papagayo jet wind!

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Latin America and definitely worth a visit with its palm-filled sandy beaches and rainforests!

Surf spots Asia

Asia is also the perfect surf destination! From surfing to kitesurfing, windsurfing, wing foiling or Stand Up Paddle (SUP), everything is possible here.

Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Maldives, Japan or even China, here you will find top surf spots that you only know from surf movies.

The strong winds of the Roaring Fourties send super-swells across the ocean, which then create the best wave conditions in most coastal areas of Asia.

But also all surfers who are looking for good wind conditions will definitely find what they are looking for in Asia!

In Asia’s most popular surf destinations, the weather is often tropical “all year long”, so boardshorts or surf bikinis are a must!

Bali (Indonesia)

The island of Bali in Indonesia is a popular surf spot

Bali is an Indonesian island located in the Indian Ocean. There is a tropical climate with high humidity all year round.

The average temperature in Bali is between 24°C – 34°C, making it a great escape from winter for many Europeans!

There are two basic seasons in Bali: the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season in Bali is between November and March.

The surf spot Bali is a paradise especially for wave riders! Perfect wave conditions all year round! Even if the forecast shows little to no waves, you will always find the perfect wave in Bali!

But kitesurfing, windsurfing or wing foiling are also possible in the months from June to August!

Bali is especially known for its very nice people. If you plan a surf holiday in Bali, you can be sure that it will be an unforgettable experience.

Surf spot Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka surf spot is a popular surf holiday destination

For many who are drawn to Sri Lanka for surfing, are on the run. On the run from the cold winter months!

Sri Lanka is an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and has a tropical climate all year round. The so-called humid monsoon climate ranges from 26°C to 31 °C.

Surfing as well as kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP or wing foiling is theoretically possible all year round.

However, depending on the type of surfing, you have to take the monsoon times into account in Sri Lanka!

The North-East monsoon reigns from November to April. Therefore, there is a lot of rain and wind on the east coast of Sri Lanka.

From May to October, the south-west monsoon prevails and the south-west of Sri Lanka is rainy and characterised by strong winds.

Depending on which surfing sport or travel time you choose, you should definitely take the monsoon period into account!

Even more surf spots and surf camps

Find another surf spot for your surf holiday
Photo by Conor Rees, Unsplash

Surfvacationer.com is constantly striving to expand the entire surf holiday offer. Therefore, more and more surf spots are added at regular intervals.

You are therefore in demand! Inform yourself about individual surf spots and surf schools. Also consider the best time to travel, which depends on your preferred surfing sport and your surf level.

If you still need help, we are there for you! Just write us a short e-mail(here goes to our contact page) with your request and we will help you find the best surf school for your surf holiday!

The perfect surf spot is waiting for you!